Cleaner. Safer. Healthier. On a national level, these issues are huge, as are the efforts to resolve them. But the results are disappointing. The costs are rising. Intervention is not having the desired affect. Achieving success at macro level is only possible after a long series of individual revolutions. How do we go about effecting lasting change in human behaviour? How do we strike the right chord on a personal level? >>

Opinionators exists to drive social change. We advise clients in the field of brand management, social marketing and culture change. At the crossroads of national concern and personal interest we link public sector challenges to private sector theories and target group insights. Across traditional disciplines, Opinionators work together with all parties involved to establish and secure change. >>


Opinionators are active in the area where collective interests meet personal ones. Health, sickness and prevention. Safety. Environmental care. Labour market participation. And any other theme where freedom, responsibility and noncommittance blend.  


Through years of experience and inspired by theories on branding, social cohesion and group dynamics, Opinionators has developed a unique approach to supporting behavioural change. Its methods involve the whole chain, are close to the target group and anchored in the direct vicinity. 


Target group research
Intervention development
Message design
Programme management
Think tanks
Presentations & visualisations
Training courses & workshops


Most of our publications are in Dutch. Please contact us if there is a subject that you would like to know more about, like (youth) obesity, alcoholism, sustainability, female labour participation, slactivism, healthy living, hand hygiene, drug compliance, youth marketing or waste management.